The Chateau at the Oregon Caves

Have you experienced the Oregon Caves?

The Oregon Caves is a unique National Monument & Preserve located approximately 130 miles (3-hr drive) from Crater lake National Park. Located within the Siskiyou Mountains are dark, twisting passages that await your discovery. Eons of acidic water seeping into marble rock created and decorated the spectacular "Marble Halls of Oregon."

Park rangers offers numerous cave tours from early September to early November. It is recommended to book your tours for the spring/summer season in advance due to high demand.

Other popular activities include dining at the Oregon Caves Chateau, hiking and camping. You can also spend the night at the iconic Oregon Caves Chateau.

The Chateau at Oregon Caves is a remarkable national park lodge and a National Historic Landmark. This picturesque six-story lodge offers 23 rooms, a dining room with canyon views, and a 1930s-era coffee shop/diner. Locally crafted gifts and works of art are available in the gift gallery. Each of the rooms in the Chateau has its own unique charm. The Oregon Caves Chateau is typically open early May through early October. 2023 reservations are not available at this time.

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